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tits or gtfo
Required: A day off in the near future so I can catch up on life + internets.

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moppin penguin // unholynotions
Fairly productive-ish day, considering I mostly just had to work.

But, you know.
+ Worked. Am currently training a new employee, and he seems really decent so far, and like he fits in pretty swell, so this is good. Another different employee is being trained to be my supervisor, which I'm excited for because that means yay less work for me!
+ Made a slew of buttons and magnets and sent them off to the post office. Always nice to get some of that stuff out of the way before it gets overwhelming, and the packages start getting sent out a little too late. I hate hate hate giving bad customer service.
+ Probably got a commission for actual art brewing somewhere in my future, which is super nice, since I don't get them very often and always want to.
+ Had coffee + dinner with Leah. We talked about the prospect of being sent to Kenosha for a few days to train some employees at a new location of our restaurant opening up soon. They want us to both be there on Wednesday and Thursday of the first week of February. It's a very rare day that we work together anymore, since we both manage different stores, so I think it'll be totally fun if we do it -- even if it is a 45 minute drive to get there. I guess we'll see.

+ ... I guess that's it, so far. But it's still a bit early in the night, so who knows.

Things I need to do:
+ more art
+ fiction (I have some in the planning stages)
+ design more buttons, because I heart selling them.
+ laundry, omg
+ clean the house, omfg
+ bake mini cupcakes for the much delayed x-mas party at my theatre job (the party is on saturday).
+ clean my office (which is different from cleaning the house, because it is MY spot only, and it's not dirty so much as terribly cluttered. Where DOES all this freaking paper come from??)
+ more art
+ more art
+ ... more... art?

as in Stud.
idk my bff ron
Oh. Speaking of drawing. Here's another 5 minute Scud.

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alfred bakes // unholynotions
As you may have noticed, I am trying my darnedest to update this dealio more often. Because I wanna. Or something. There was no better way to motivate myself to update than by purchasing a paid account with hella icons. So hopefully! Now I just NEED hella icons. All of mine are so old. Humph.

Accomplished drawing my comic for the paper, just need to fit it into correct format before the end of the day, and I will be set there. Tags and the like are accomplished. Have not cut my hair yet. I'm in that weird debating period where I'm just NOT SURE if I actually want to or not. I think it's more due to laziness than a current like of my hair, though.

I have an enormous urge to go through all the art files on my computer and organize them in a super methodical way. Possibly by year/month. But jesus that seems like a huge task. Especially when I could actually be DRAWING.

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fuckin' weird
Tonight's agenda (and maybe tomorrow, also):

1) tag back people for my RP lines, because it's been, like, almost a week and I am the most TERRIBLE role playing partner for it, or something. I guess. (Although, perhaps my interest could be more piqued and I'd respond faster? idfk.)

2) Art. Rework one or two of my last 5 minute sketches into actual nice things.

3) Different art: must make a comic, since Frostovision is being run in the local paper, and I have deadlines. DEADLINES. Crazy talk, really. Also, addendum to this; maybe POST some of my "paper" comics somewhere here, so that no one thinks my "daily" comic is dead. (even though it hasn't been daily in like 8 months. whoops.)

4) ....??? Fanfiction? omg, sleepyheadset made me love Scuddeacon again and I kinda wanna write on it.
I never was good at writing 'fic on my own, though, so I guess we shall have to see.

5) Eat some kind of dinner.

6) Haircut. Omg, I am tired of my hair, it is all crazy talk length, and my bangs make me look like a mad person. Also, I think I could use some sweet colored hairdye. Red? Blue?

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scud duck
Classy living right here with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Although, I have heard rumors about Chinese food from the east side for dinner, and since the east side is where it's fucking AT for Chinese, I am keen on this idea.

In other news, I have survived yet another day at work, which is always kind of nice. My little brother called in today though, which is a huge bother. For those who are not in the current loop; I run a 24 hour restaurant. My little brother works for me, which is kinda neat, except for the fact that I feel kind of bad punishing him. But I HAVE to, or else it would be unjust favoritism, or something.

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because whatever // theonemonaghan
Am watching "Weekend". It's on Netflix. I recognized the title, because it was meant to be the flagship movie in Milwaukee's LGBT film festival this year. It's... not amazing. It is very mumbled. And I am thanking the Subtitle Gods, truly and honestly. Except the subtitles are kind of shite -- just poorly done, man.

I watch a lot of LGBT films, basically because I like the content, but sometimes I feel like maybe I put up with a lot of movies JUST because of the content.

Lesson learned: Just because a movie has The Gay, does not mean it is good.
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saddest fuckng turtle
I'm doing some 5 minute sketches. Because 1) they are fun, and stress free. 2) my poor hand/wrist can't handle more than that.

So: Have a SCUD. Because he was the best character in Blade 2. And Norman Reedus is awesome.

random lady art.Collapse )

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bondage hand // empathicfrost
Good idea: Drawing.

Bad idea: Drawing with carpel-tunnel.

OUCH. But also, TOO BAD. Because I wanna fucking draw, okay?

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coffe + cigs = luuuurve
Coffee is on the make. Matchbox 20 is on the itunes (shut up, I love them still, okay?), I've already been out to breakfast with a friend, and seen a movie. It's barely 4 pm. Let's see what we can do to make this day off awesome and productive.


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